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Active Member Condensed Printable List

Click on the link below to view a condensed printable list of CHJA active members. The list is updated daily!
2010 Medal Finals

Active Members:
If you are going to a show and have not yet received your membership card, print the page that shows your membership as active and use it until you receive your card.

Show Secretaries:
In order to check membership status of the Medal Class entrants, print the list out the night before a show and take it with you.

Click on the link below to view a condensed PDF printable list of the CHJA Active Members.

2019 Active CHJA Members Printable List

If an entrant's name is not on the list, they are not an active CHJA Members.

All CHJA Memberships and Horse Recordings expire on November 30th with the exception of Lifetime.

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