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Maria Howe

Maria Howe was born in Springfield, MA and has been a resident of Wilbraham, MA for over 20 years. She has been employed in the medical field for forty eight years and has been the clinical supervisor of an urgent care center for twenty years. She has a son 

Mark, a daughter Daniele and a grandchild named Rylee. Daniele rode for many years which is how Maria became invlolved with horses! 
Maria has served the CHJA as a member of the Medal Finals Equitation Committee for 12 years. She has also served as the Finals Secretary and helps coordinated the presentation of all of the awards at the Finals. In 2008 she was appointed to the CHJA Board of Directors and serves as its Corresponding Secretary. She has also provides an extra sets of hands in the busy CHJA office whenever she is needed. 

In 2015 Maria was awarded the CHJA President's Award to recognize her for giving unselfishly to the CHJA. 


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