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Fairfield August Horse Show Prize List and Fees

2022 Fairfield August Prize List 

2022 Fairfield Fees: 

Entering CHJA Finals only, no stall
Ambulance Fee $35
Ship In Fee $75
Total $110 

Entering CHJA Finals only, with stall
FCHC Office Fee $75
Ambulance Fee $35
Stall Fee $300
Night Watch $25
Total $435 

Entering FCHC Classes (Does not include stall or ship in fees if applicable)
All regular costs to include:
FCHC Entry Fees
FCHC Office Fee $75     
USEF Fee $23
ZONE Fee$ $7
USEF Non Member ($45) If applicable
USHJA non Member ($30) if applicable
Ambulance Fee ($35)
Post Entry Fee ($50/$75)

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