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Important Points Reminder About Marshall and Sterling Classics

A show has the option of running the M&S 2nd round/classic as either a standalone class or as part of a division. When the M&S 2nd round Class/Classic is held as a standalone class, it is never counted toward CHJA points. 

However, when the M&S classes are held as part of a division, the first round class counts toward CHJA points and toward the divisional championship & reserve, and any year end awards, but the second round Class/Classic NEVER counts for CHJA points, for champion or reserve awards, or for yearend awards.

Why? Because it is an optional class with different specs and entry fee that is only run within the division as a convenience and it is not fair to those who are not participating in M&S to have it affect the outcome of the division.

Additionally, members who compete in the Classic at a show that runs it as a standalone class do not receive points, so it would not be fair to award points for the same class if it is held as part of a division, especially since it can affect year end award standings or eligibility to compete in Hunter Classic at Medal Finals.  


It's all about keeping the playing field level and making sure everything is fair. Hypothetically, a rider could select only those shows that have the 2nd round classic as part of a division and amass a ton of points that another rider wouldn't receive if they went to only those shows where it was run as a standalone.




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