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Lead Line and Walk Trot Photos

We would love to feature photos of our very special Lead Line and Walk Trot riders on the web site and in the Banquet's Celebration Slide show at the Annual Awards Banquet on January 27th!

The slide sh
Campbell Hudkinsow will run before and during dinner!

Please send your photo as an attachment to an email to CHJAweb@aol.com. The photo resolution must be high enough to be seen clearly on the screen. 300 dpi would be best! Be sure to tell us who you are!

We prefer photos with you either sitting on or standing by your horse!

You can also mail them to Karen Amedeo, 88 Briarwood Avenue, Springfield, MA 0
Katie Gerl1118 . If you would like them returned, please include a stamped self addressed envelope.

Photos for the Celebration Slide Show must be received by December 30th!



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