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Trainer's Team Hunter Classic

Open to teams of one Professional and one Junior or Amateur rider. The Junior or Amateur must have competed in either the Children’s Hunter Pony Classic, The Children’s Hunter Horse Classic or the Adult Hunter Classic. Juniors and Amateurs may compete on one team only and must be from the same barn as the Trainer. The names of the Professional and the Junior or Amateur they will be competing with must be submitted with the entry form and be received by the Show Secretary no later than August 3.

The Professional may ride the horse their team mate rode in the Pony, Children’s or Adult Hunter Classic OR they may ride any other horse of their choosing! They are not limited to horses that have competed in the Classics. The name of the horse and appropriate paperwork must be submitted to the Show Secretary by noon on Thursday, August 18th.


Warm Up Every qualified horse trainer combination entered in the Trainer's Team Hunter Classic that pre-enters the warm-up will be allowed one warm-up trip. 

First Round: This will be the score earned by the Junior or Amateur member of the team in the first round of the Pony, Horse or Adult Hunter Classic held just before the Trainer’s Team Hunter Classic.

Second Round: The Professional will complete a traditional Hunter course of approximately 10 fences not to exceed 3’ with two high-option fences not to exceed 3’6”.

To be judged on performance, soundness, hunter pace, jumping style, quality and substance. Suitability and manners to count. To be scored under the open numerical judging system using two judges.

In each Professional round, after the judges' base score is given, one point will be added for each high-option fence jumped up to a maximum of two. The scores of the horses in this second round will be added to the first round scores obtained by their Junior or Amateur teammate and the teams will be placed in order of their total score for the two rounds.

Horses tied for first place only will jump a third round over a shortened course. Ties for all other places will remain tied. Judges may require additional testing.

Small/medium ponies to jump 2’, and large ponies to jump 2’6” with spreads to 2’6”. Horses not to exceed 3' with spreads to 3’. Two high-option fences to be set for each fence height not to exceed 3’6” Horses to jump first. All team members must be CHJA Members




Limited to 30 teams on a first come first serve basis. No more than two teams per barn. The same trainer may compete on two teams from their barn. Both the trainer and the Junior/Amateur must be from the same Barn.

Entry forms will be included with the Medal Finals invitations to be mailed on July 1.

Questions? Send an email to chjact@gmail.com


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