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Lead Line

We are pleased to announce that every lead line rider who accumulated 10 points or more in the Lead line Division in 2016 is invited to attend the Annual Awards Banquet and receive a special recognition award!

Division Sponsored by The Hajdasz Family

Renee Scarpantonio and Hunters Run


  Olivia Adamowicz 

Tessa Edgerly

Greer Espeso

Brinley Farr

Maya Ginsburg

Olivia Hall

Olivia Hynes

Emma Morris

Fiona Mastrioanni

 Giada Ribeiro

We would love to feature photos of our very special Lead Line and Walk Trot riders on the web site and in the Banquet's Celebration Slide show at the Annual Banquet on January 28th.

For more information about the Slide Show and the Banquet click on 2016 Awards Banquet!

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