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Thank you to all who voluntarily work so diligently throughout the year to benefit the CHJA as it strives to represent the interests of all its members. It couldn't be done without you! 

Awards Committee:
Kelsey Leerkes, Chairman
Email: kleerkes@gmail.com

Kelsey  Leerkes


Committee Members:

Mary Drake
Rebecca Goberman
Tara Mathews
Holly Rebello

Banquet Committee:

Sherry Lynch, Co-Chairman



Tara Mathews, Co-Chairman

Tara Lynch-Banquet Co Chairman




Committee Members:
Arrmand Chenelle
Mary Romeo

Equitation Committee:

Karen Amedeo, Co-Chairman
Karen Amedeo

Holly Rebello, Co-Chairman

email: mistery_72@msn.com

Holly Rebello



Committee Members:

Maria Howe

Cathryn Humphrey
Claire Humphrey
Kelsey Leerkes
Sherry Lynch
Tara Lynch
Donna Poeta
John Rebello
Renee Scarpantonio
Pam Schreiber
Carla Sharp

Sportsmanship Committee:
Matt Couzens, Chairman
email: matthewcouzens@sbcglobal.net
2-7-09 3  13



Standards Committee
Lynn Taylor, Chairman
email:  taylorlynn58@gmail.com



Committee Members:
Karen Amedeo
Cynthia Jensen
Richard Luckhart
Holly Rebello  
Jessica Roth Thomas
Carla Sharp

Scholarship Committee:
Jane Miller, Chairman

2008 Banquet


Committee Members:
Karen Amedeo
Desiree Cormier
Matt Couzens
Cynthia Jensen

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