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Distinguished Service Hall of Fame

"This award is presented annually as an expression of our appreciation for a member who has made extraordinary contributions to the Association."

Desiree Cormier 

Desiree Cormier 


Renee Scarpantonio

Rebecca Goberman 
Becca Goberman

John Rebello

John Rebello


Pam Schreiber
Pam Schreiber

Mary Drake
2012 Distinguished Service

Jessica Roth Thomas
Distinguished Service

2010-Kelsey Amedeo and Tara Lynch
Kelsey Amedeo

Tara Lynch

2009-Carla Sharp and Donna Poeta
Carla Sharp and Donna Poeta

2008-Matt Couzens

Matt Couzens

2007-Holly Rebello
Holly Rebello

2006-Sherry Lynch
Sherry Lynch

2005-Cynthia Jensen
Cynthia Jensen

2004-Susan Horn 
Sue Horn

2003-Jane Dow Burt
Jane Dow

2002-Armand Chenelle

Armand Chenelle

2001- Karen Amedeo and Lynn Taylor
Lynn Taylor
Karen Amedeo

2000-Amanda Klemyk

1999- Frank Cunningham and Steve McAllister

1998-Jane Miller
Jane Miller

1997-Beverly Vars
Beverly Gifford Vars

1996-Ken Betuker












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