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President's Award Hall of Fame

Connecticut Hunter & Jumper Assiciation President's Award

Glenn Duffee Memorial Trophy
Donated by the CHJA and the Glenn Duffee family
In Memory of Glenn Duffee

This special award, in memory of Glenn Duffee, is presented annually to recognize and honor someone who has given unselfishly to our sport and to the CHJA, above and beyond personal interests.The recipient of this award is chosen by the CHJA President to be honored by the Membership at the Annual Banquet.

2019 Stacia Stepanik
Stacia Stepanik

2018 Sherry Lynch

2017-Karen Amedeo

2016-Matt Couzens
Matt Couzens

 2015-Carla Nelson
Carla Nelson

 2014-Maria Howe

Maria Howe

2013-Holly Rebello

Holly Rebello

2012-Carla Sharp


2011-Sherry Lynch
President's Award Sherry Lynch

2010-Sue Horn
Sue Horn

2009-Lynn Taylor
Lynn Taylor

2008-Cynthia Jensen
Cynthia Jensen

2007-Armand Chenelle
2008 Banquet

2006-Jane Miller
2008 Banquet

2005-Jane Dow Burt
2008 Banquet

2004-Karen Amedeo
2008 Banquet

2003-Beverly Gifford Vars
Beverly Gifford Vars

2002-Emerson Burr
Emerson Burr

2001-Doug Snowberger






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