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Carry your CHJA Membership Card!

The new qualifying period for the 2006 CHJA Medal Finals starts on August 1.
CHJA Medal Class requirements state that only CHJA Members are permitted to compete in these classes.  Membership cards must be provided, or a membership application completed and dues paid at the time of registration for these classes.  For any class to count, at least four riders who are active members must complete both phases of the class. Fillers must be members and can join at any show.

If there are not 4 active CHJA members completing the class, it will not count and points will not be awarded.

Be sure to carry your card with you at all times as you will be asked to present it to the Show Secretary when you pick up your number if you are entered in a Medal Class.

For information on what to do if you have lost your Membership card, click on Lost Membership Card to the right of this screen.


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