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Lost Membership Card

If you have lost your CHJA Membership card and need a replacement, please follow these directions:

1. Go to the Member Roster section of the website and print out the page that shows you as an active member. You may use this as proof of membership until you obtain a replacement card.

2. Obtain a CHJA Membership Affidavit from the Show Secretary at any CHJA Recognized show. Complete the affidavit requesting a new card and give it to the Secretary with the $5.00 Fee. It will be sent to the CHJA Office and a new card will be issued and mailed to you.

3. Obtain a CHJA Membership Affidavit by clicking on the link below. Complete it and mail it with the $5.00 Fee to Karen Amedeo, CHJA Treasurer, 88 Briarwood Avenue, Springfield, MA 01118. A new card will then be issued and mailed to you.

Membership Affidavit.pdf

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