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Reporting Show Results

Within 10 days of your horse show, CHJA rules require that the CHJA Membership Office receives your show's results. A $50 fine will be imposed if the results are late or incomplete. Send all results to:
                           CHJA Treasurer
                           88 Briarwood Avenue
                           Springfield, MA 01118

Specifically, you must send:

1. The completed Show Results Report Form. Click on the link below to view and print the Show Results Report Form:

Show Results Report Form

2. The complete Prize List from the show (the final version approved by the Standards Committee, either the complete printed copy or a copy of the complete online version if the prize list was only available online)

3. The results of all of the classes run, whether CHJA recognized or not

4. A tally of the total number of entries completing each class in all recognized hunter, jumper and equitation classes

5. The results of the first 6 places in each class

6. A list of all Champion and Reserve Champion Awards

7. A check for the Medal Class Fees ($5.00 per entry per class)

8. Any new CHJA new member applications and/or horse recordings taken at the show with the appropriate fees. If they are not included with the show results, the memberships will become effective on the day the applications and appropriate fees are received by the CHJA office.  If it is after the results are received, points will not be awarded for that show.

9. Show management must maintain a record of show results for a period of at least one year. 

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