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Member Roster

All 2023 CHJA Memberships expired on November 30th with the exception of Lifetime. The 2024 Show Year started on December 1st, 2023. 

Active 2024 Members and Horses will appear in blue and show an activation date of 2023-12-01 through 2024-11-30. 

If your name or your horse's name does not appear on the active membership list, or if it appears in redyour membership is not active and your points are not accumulating. 

If you see "Pending" or "On Hold" next to your name, you should immediately contact the CHJA Treasurer at chjact@gmail.com for clarification.  

Click on either one of the links below to check your membership status and that of your horse or pony. 

Membership - People

Membership - Horse

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