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Sportsmanship Award

"Julia Cotter Memorial Trophy"
Donated by Hugh Kerrigan and the Farmington Polo Club

New in 2022! The Sportsmanship Awards will be presented at the CHJA Medal Finals! 

Click on Medal Finals 2022 for more information and to obtain the nomination form! 

This award is presented annually to a Professional, Amateur or Junior active CHJA Member whose character best exemplifies the qualities of decency, fair play, and graciousness in victory or defeat.

2019 Sportsmanship Award 

Kassiera Raymond
  Quiet Rein Farm

 Kassiera Raymond 

Kassiera received eleven nominations from Quiet Rein Farm for the Sportsmanship Award, a true testament to the quality of her character, her love of the horses and her graciousness.

“Getting to know Kassiera has been an honor and a privilege"

“She is a perfect example of what a young equestrian should be. We just love her!”

"Her love of the horse is unparalleled, she is one of a kind.”

“Kassi is always looking for a way to help others.”

“She is a wonderful role model for the younger students and an asset to the barn.”

“I cannot express enough what a positive asset she is to have around the barn.”

“She goes out of her way to encourage and support her teammates.”

“Kassi is a gleaming example of the attitude our youth should aspire to.”

“She is the glue to the barn, always willing to lend a hand.”

“She is inspiring not only to the children, but to adults just like me.”

“She truly displays what I believe the equestrian industry is lacking lately; someone who will never think she

is above taking care of every horses basic needs”

“Kassi is one of the people that makes Quiet Rein an extraordinary place.”

Congratulations Kassiera from the Officers, Board of Directors, Equitation Committee and the entire CHJA Membership!  

Honorable Mention

Rachel Chard, Tracey Clark, Eloise Foster Lauren Pierce, Samantha Stepanik



Is there a special someone in your barn whose character best exemplifies the qualities
of decency, fair play and graciousness in victory or defeat?

Are they always willing to lend a hand?

Do they encourage and congratulate everyone?

Do they have a positive attitude and set a good example for the younger riders?

Do they exhibit good horsemanship and put their horse's needs first?

Why not nominate them for the CHJA Sportsmanship Award?

Click on Sportsmanship Nomination to the right for more details!

Active CHJA Amateur. Junior and Professional members are eligible for the award! 



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