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Medium Pony Hunter

Sponsored by Fairfield Equine Associates
Such A Touch Perpetual Trophy D
onated by Laura Kirby


Clovermeade Bunny Side Up
O: Rabbit Hill Farm
R: Reilly Robertson
Rabbit Hill Farm

Please direct name or barn edits to CHJACT@gmail.com by 1/3 

Reminder: To qualify for a year end award a horse or rider must compete at a minimum of four shows during the show year in the specified division, and when they compete, the division or the individual class must be eligible to receive points even if the horse or rider wins none of those points.

Photos for the Banquet Program must be received by January 15!

We would love to feature photos of all the award recipients in the Banquet program! 

Please send your photo as an attachment to an email to meg@mixedmediacreative.com

The photo resolution must be high enough to print clearly in the program. Facebook photos do not have a high enough resolution. 300 dpi would be best!

Be sure to tell us who you are and what division you are receiving the award for. Example: Meg Smith and Peanut, Leadline. We prefer photos with you jumping, sitting on or standing by your horse or pony!    



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