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Lead Line

Sponsored by Fox Crossing Equestrian

Congratulations to the 2023 Lead Line Year End Recognition Award Recipients! 

All members who participated in Lead Line classes are invited to attend the 2023 Annual Awards Banquet on Februray 17th! 

Marielle Blais
Fox Crossing

Harper Bodnar

Lillian Caruso
Prospect Hill

Elaina Collette
Green Acres Equestrian Center

Madeline Davis

Caroline Ficke
Folly Farm

Lilah Gordon

Camille Grieco
Prospect Hill

Ellie Halprin
Summer Hill

Hayden Placko
High Bridge Farm

Olivia Putnam
North Meadow

Thomas Vanderzicht
Vanderzicht Stables

Taylor Zajacz
Folly Farm

Please direct name or barn edits to CHJACT@gmail.com by 1/3 

We would love to feature photos of the Leadline award recipients in the Banquet program!

Please send your photo as an attachment to an email to meg@mixedmediacreative.com

The photo resolution must be high enough to print clearly in the program. Facebook photos do not have a high enough resolution. 300 dpi would be best!

Be sure to tell us who you are and what division you are receiving the award for.
Example: Meg Smith and Peanut, Leadline. We prefer photos with you sitting on or standing by your horse or pony!  

Photos for the Banquet Program must be received by January 15!

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