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Stall Reservations


The closing date to reserve stalls is August 1, 2021.    

Stalls are available at $250 each and $275 after August 1 if available. Stalls must be prepaid. The reservation form will be included in the Trainer's Invitation packet that will be emailed to all active professional members on July 3. Trainers should send in (1) one reservation form including an open check payable to Fairfield County Hunt Club or completed credit card Authorization Form(s). 

Please send the stall reservations to Stall Reservations, Fairfield County Hunt Club, 174 Long Lots Rd., Westport, CT 06880. Reservations will only be accepted by mail will full payment encluded. Do not FAX, email or text a reservation. 

Do not send in an individual stall reservation or send stall reservation forms to the CHJA Office.

Questions? Contact Michelle Schmerzler michelleschmerz@gmail.com






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