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Horse/Pony Lease or Sale Transfers

If  a horse or pony is leased or purchased, and it is already recorded with the CHJA, it is the member's responsibility to notify the CHJA office of this transfer by submitting a new horse recording and appropriate fees as well as the lease agreement or proof of purchase. Until this notification, any points earned will not count. This is consistent with the rules of the United States Equestrian Federation and as an affiliated association of the USEF, the CHJA abides by USEF rules.

Specifically, annual horse recordings do not automatically transfer with a lease or purchase. For points to count with respect to any competition, the new horse recording. lease/purchase agreement and fees must be received by the CHJA office on or before the first day of such competition. 

If the horse is a Lifetime Member, a new horse recording, lease purchase agreement and fees must be submitted to notify the CHJA administration office of the purchase or lease, however the Lifetime membership will stay with the horse under the new owner or lessee.

Horse/pony recordings become effective on the day that the completed application and appropriate fees are received by the CHJA or by the Show Secretary at a CHJA recognized show.  

Remember that transferred recordings cannot be back dated and points are never retroactive. In addition, points from any show are finalized 30 days after they are posted on the web site and cannot be changed. We enforce these rules in order to keep the organization fair and equitable to all of its 1100 members.

If you are showing this weekend in any CHJA recognized classes, you can obtain a membership application from the Show Secretary. Simply complete it and submit the application along with any applicable fees directly to the Show Secretary. The recording will be effective on the day she receives it, provided it is complete and the appropriate fees are included. That way, any points you earn this weekend will count.

You may also record a horse or pony online by clicking on Membership Application to the left.


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