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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the CHJA obtain its scholarship fund?
Each year we offer premium items for a prize drawing and a silent auction at the Medal Finals weekend. We also conduct a raffle at our Annual Awards Banquet in February. We also accept cash donations from generous members throughout the year.   We welcome new ideas for fund raising.  Please contact Matt Couzens (matthewcouzens@sbcglobal.net) with any ideas for fund raising initiatives.
Who is eligible to apply for a CHJA Scholarship?
Adult and Junior members who are college bound, already in college or enrolled in a graduate degree program are eligible to apply.  Your CHJA membership must be active and up to date.

If I already won a CHJA scholarship, can I apply again to be considered for another award? 
Yes.  Prior year’s applicants may re-submit an application for consideration as long as they meet eligibility requirements.

When are the CHJA Scholarship applications due?
To be considered, completed applications must be postmarked or received by December 1.

Who chooses the winners of the CHJA Scholarship?
The CHJA Scholarship Fund, Inc. Board of Directors select the scholarship recipients.

How are the winners selected?
Winners must submit an application and all required materials by the established deadline. The Scholarship Committee members review these materials and then meet to deliberate and select two recipients.  The criteria upon which candidates are judged are: academic merit, participation, character, and the impact of riding activities upon their personal development. 

How can I apply for a CHJA Scholarship?
Download the guidelines and application from the CHJA website, complete all requirements, and submit your application prior to the deadline of December 1.

Will someone notify me when all of my application materials have been received?
No. It is your responsibility to check on the submission of your transcripts and recommendations and see to it that all materials are sent and received on time.  Send your inquiries to CHJACT@gmail.com

How will I know if I have won a scholarship?
Recipients are contacted by telephone after the CHJA Board of Directors have met and received the scholarship committee final report.  All other candidates are notified by letter thereafter.

When is the scholarship money awarded?
At the CHJA Annual awards banquet, the two scholarship recipients are presented with theri awards.  

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