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Sportsmanship Award Hall of Fame

This award is presented annually to an Amateur or Junior member whose character best exemplifies the qualities of decency, fair play, and graciousness in victory or defeat. 

2019 Kassiera Raymond
Kassiera Raymond

2018 Remy Sasso

2017 Isabel Rudaz
Isabel Rudaz

2016 Skylah Miller

Skylah Miller

2015 Payton Beerbower

Payton Beerbower

2014 Frances McGivern

Frances McGivern

2013 Alex Barrere

Alex Barrere

2012 Kaitlyn Boggio
Kaitlyn Boggio 2012 Sportsmanship Award

2011 Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown

  2010-Meg Johnson
Meg Johnson

2009-Gabriele Cheney
Gaby Cheney

2008-Hilary Andrysick

Hillary Andrysick 2008 Sportsmanship

2007-Dana Knoll
Hillary Andrysick 2008 Sportsmanship

2006-Kayla Schneider
Kayla Schneider

2005-Colleen Sullivan
Colleen Sullivan

2004-Meg Wilkison
Lynn Taylor

2003-Alex Trueb

2002-Kristin Fedor
Kristen Fedor

2001-Holly Rebello
Holly Rebello

2000-Briana King
Briana King

1999-Kelsey Amedeo
Kelsey Amedeo

1998-Alison Hertel

1996-Sarah Kruel

1995-Susan Knapp

1994-Lisa de Koning

1993-Elizabeth Vars
2008 Banquet

1992-Erin Shannon

1991-Sachine Bell

1990-Jennifer Tomberg

1989-John Sasali



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