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Dates To Remember

Mark Your Calendars!

August 1, 2017- Qualifying period for 2018 Medal Finals begins.

December 1, 2017-Qualifying period for 2018 Hunter Classics begins.

July 1, 2018-Invitations and Entry Forms will be mailed to Qualifiers for the 2017 Medal Finals. Invitations will then be mailed weekly to those that qualify after this date.

July 1: Master's Medal Invitations and Entry Forms will be mailed to all active members who were Medal Finals Champions and Reserve Champions in years past.

July 28-29:
 Last weekend to qualify for 2018 Medal Finals or Hunter Classics.

July 30: Qualifying Period for 2019 Medal Finals begins

August 3: All Medal Finals Entries must be received or postmarked by this date. There are no post entries and there will be no exceptions.

August 15: Order of Go will be posted on the website for the Hunter Classics and all Medal Classes

August 16: Thursday-Warm Up and Horsemanship Test (must pre enter for both.) 

August 17-19: "2018 CHJA Medal Finals Weekend" at the Fairfield County Hunt Club

December 1, 2018: Qualifying period for the 2019 Hunter Classics begin. 


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