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What's New at the 2023 CHJA Medal Finals?

1. NEW! As the result of so many member requests, we have added a 2’ and a 2’6” Hunter Classic to the Friday Schedule! Click on Hunter Classic Class Descriptions to view the new class specs!

2. NEW! There are now two ways to qualify to compete in the Hunter Classics!

Earn 30 points in a Hunter Classic’s Qualifying Classes or enter a CHJA Medal Final which automatically qualifies you to enter one Hunter Classic. Of course, you must meet the eligibility requirements for the Classic you select. Click on Hunter Classic Eligibility to the right to see what class you are eligible for.

Only one classic may be entered but you may enter no more than two horses/ponies if the eligibility requirements are met for both of them. Eligibility will be verified. 

3. NEW! You can pre-enter for two warm up trips ($35 each)! If you pre entered for a warmup trip(s), you may purchase one additional trip ($50) at the show on a first come first serve basis! This warm-up trip may be taken by the rider or their trainer. If you didn't pre enter for a warmup trip, you may purchase only one trip ($100) at the show also on a first come first serve basis.


4. Qualifiers and their trainers must be active 2023 CHJA Members to submit entries for the 2023 CHJA Medal Finals. Entries received from inactive members or trainers will not be processed.

5. There will be both a Junior and an Adult 2023 Sportsmanship Award presented at the 2023 CHJA Medal Finals! If your barn has someone you want to recognize, make sure you nominate them! Complete the simple form to the right under Sportsmanship and tell us why your candidate deserves to be recognized! Or send an email to chjact.com.

6. Instead of a Celebration Buffet that not everyone can attend, we will be providing our qualifiers with coupons redeemable at the Fairfield Snack Bar for the items of your choice! They can be redeemed from August 17-20 and may not be exchanged for cash.

7. Orders of Go will be available on Thursday August 17th at the CHJA Secretary's Booth.

8. Stall reservations must be made directly through Fairfield County Hunt Club and are due no later than August 8th. Click on Stall Reservations to the right for more details.

9. Entry forms must be received by August 3rd! There are no post entries!

10. You must qualify for the 2023 Medal Finals with 10 points. 

Questions? Email chjact@gmail.com




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