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Member Album 2007

Kelley Cmara and Ghost Dancer Clovercroft Cinnabunny and Isabelle Torsiello Olivia Smith and Double or Nothing
Kelley Cmara
"Ghost Dancer"

Isabelle Torsiello
"Clovercroft Cinnabunny"

Olivia Smith
"Double or Nothing"

 Juliet Hubbard and Blueberry

Kara Krushel and Tornado Sarah Hubbard and Anythings Possible
Juliet Hubbard
Kara Krushel
Sarah Hubbard
"Anythings Possible"

Sarah Hubbard and Banana Republic



Christina Martinelli and Jazz N Up My Dreams  Kaitlyn Boggio and Lois Lane
Sarah Hubbard
"Banana Republic"
Christina Martinelli
"Jazz Up My Dreams"
Kaitlyn Boggio
"Lois Lane"


Ally Cox and Von Mexico 

Ry and Ramsay Hanson Emma Gorham on Cool Lad at Sweetwater Farm

Ally Cox
"Von Mexico

Emry and Ramsay Hanson Emma Gorham
"Cool Lad"

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