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Member Album 2007

Olivia Ferro and Neverland Isabelle O'Connell and Home Aroan Ava Cooke
Olivia Ferro

Isabelle O'Connell
"Home Aroan"

Ava Cooke

 Liam Cooke

Alliaon O'Neill and Kapricorn Sophie Cooke and Criminal
Liam Cooke Allison O'Neill
Sophie Cooke


Taylor Senecal and Chester 

Olivia Ferro and Buttons Taylor Senecal and Belong To Me
Taylor Senecal
Olivia Ferro
Taylor Senecal
"Belong To Me"

 Devon Poeta and Losar


Kristen Newton and Quaker
Devon Poeta
Shaun Reese 
"Knight Court"
Kristen Newton

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