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Member Album 2007

Sarah Hubbard and Rugged Bear Meg Johnson and Roy El's Mistery Sarah Weaver and Always Gold
Sarah Hubbard
"Rugged Bear"
Meg Johnson
"Roy El's Mistery"

Sarah Weaver
"Always Gold"

Christina Martinelli and Jazz Up My Dreams  Kimberly O'Keefe and Artistik Kimberly O'Keefe and Sparkle
Christina Martinelli
"Jazz Up My Dreams"

Kimberly O'Keefe

Kimberly O'Keefe
1461 Serena Pedane and Ernesto Madison Hart and Jazz Up My Dreams Alyssa Casner and Cinnamon

Serena Pedane

Madison Hart
"Jazz Up My Dreams"

Alyssa Casner
Dana Knoll and March To Glory Austin Dowd  and Michelangelo Ally D'Amico and her pony Girl's Best Friend.

Dana Knoll
"March To Glory"

Austin Dowd
Ally D'Amico
"Girl's Best Friend"

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