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Member Album 2008

Kaitlyn Boggio and NF Marshmallow Man
Kaitlyn Boggio
"NF Marshmallow Man"
Morgan Taniwha

Laurie Gundlach

  Kate Marcelina and Finer Things
Lori Palmer
"VIP's Delegate"

Christina Martinelli
"Jazz N Up My Dreams"

Kate Marcelina
"Finer Things"
Katherine Torsiello and Sunday's Best Olivia Hendricks and Quaker Megan Coon and Deutschemark

Katherine Torsiello
"Sunday's Best"

Olivia Hendricks

Megan Coon

Christen Scarpa and Morocco Desiree Cormier and Sonnett Dana Knoll and Smallwood Gemstone

Christen Scarpa

Desiree Cormier
Dana Knoll
"Smallwood Gemstone"

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