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Member Album 2008

Stacie Seidman and Ontario Kara Krushel and Stormy Weather Mallory Contois and Ever So Clever

Stacie Seidman

Kara Krushel
"Stormy Weather"

Mallory Contois
"Ever So Clever"

Kimberly O'Keefe and Artistik  Hanaa Khan and Clovercroft Love Bunny Michelle Zackin and Special Dark
Kimberly O'Keefe

Hanaa Khan
"Clovercroft Love Bunny"

Michelle Zackin
'Special Dark"
Devon Poeta and Losar Robert Lee and Camora Tracey Clark and Darco's Symphony

Devon Poeta

Robert Lee

Tracey Clark
"Darco's Symphony"
Alex Shokat and Card Party Bonnie McCabe and Good News Alex Shokat and Stunning

Alex Shokat
"Card Party"

Bonnie McCabe
"Good News"

Alex Shokat

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