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Member Album 2008

Lauren Woznica Julie Solomon

Joyce Woznica and Big White Lie

Lauren Woznica
"Reeses Pieces" 
Julie Solomon
"Dandy Lion"

Joyce Woznica
"Big White Lie"


 Elizabeth Woznica and Walk in the Park Elizabeth Woznica and Charlotte's Web Bryanne Serignese and French Vanilla

Elizabeth Woznica
"Walk In The Park"

Elizabeth Woznica
"Charlotte's Web"
Bryanne Serignese 
"French Vanilla"
Sara Misiasik and Lyin' Baby Blues Shay Meisenger and Elam Gabriele Cheney and Take Another Look

Sara Misiasik 
"Lyin' Baby Blues"

Shay Meisenger

Gabriele Cheney 
"Take Another Look"
Ally Cox and Von Mexico Jessica Bartolini Buggeln and Tommy Z Catherine Maher and Montego Bay

Ally Cox 
"Von Mexico"

Jessica Bartolini  Buggeln 
"Tommy Z"
Catherine Maher 
" Montego Bay"

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