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Member Album 2008

Michele DeSantis and Shenandoah Artist Erica Cosenza and Miss Manners Chelsea Massimin and Maverick
Michele DeSantis  "Shenandoah Artist" Erica Cosenza 
"Miss Manners"

Chelsea Massimin  "Maverick"

Emma Sutphen and Conchobar  Ashley Gil and Kris Kringle Stacey Pierce and BHF Beauty Secret
Emma Sutphen 

Ashley Gil 
"Kris Kringle"

Stacey Pierce 
"BHF Beauty Secret"
Once Upon A Bunny and Erica Shannon Logan Allison and The Original Kristin Fedor and Final Affair

Erica Shannon
"Once Upon A Bunny" 

Logan Allison 
"The Original"

Kristin Fedor 
"Final Affair"
Clovermeade Bunny Side Up and Madeline McDermott Clovermeade Somebunny Famous and Cailah Carroll Clovercroft Honey Bunny and Cailah Carroll

Madeline McDermott
"Clovermeade Bunny Side Up"

Cailah Carroll
"Clovermeade Somebunny Famous" 
Cailah Carroll
"Clovercroft Honey Bunny"

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