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Member Album 2009

Hannah Brown and Standing Ovation Jessica Fall and Grand Ami
Hannah Brown
"Standing Ovation"
Jessica Fall
"Grand Ami"

Lauren Henry
"Captain Jack Sparrow"

 Brittany Johnson on Velasques Caitlyn Zaranek and Skip Day

Caitlyn Zaranek and Neverland

Brittany Johnson

Caitlyn Zaranek
"Skip Day"

Caitlyn Zaranek
Sunny Side Up and Savanah Hajdasz Finn and Noah Whalen

Alison Hughes and Centus

Savanah Hajdasz
"Sunny Side Up"

Finn and Noah Whalen

Alison Hughes

Isabel O'Connell and Belong To Me

Olivia Ferro and Skip Day Cassondra Funk and Party For Two

Isabel O'Connell
"Belong To Me"

Olivia Ferro
"Skip Day"
Cassondra Funk
"Party For Two"

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