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Member Album 2005

Devon Poeta and Losar Andrea Reinhardt and Madrigal Alexa Riccio and Just a Fling

Devon Poeta

Andrea Reinhardt
Alexa Riccio
"Just A Fling"
Nicole Meligonis  Amanda Mana Jessica Bartolini and Change of Season
Nicole Meligonis Amanda Mana Jessica Bartolini
"Change of Season"
Emily Bell Lia Poin and No Bunny But Me Hannah Calcagni and My Wildest Dream
Emily Bell Lia Poin
"No Bunny But Me"
Hannah Calcagni
"My Wildest Dream"
Desiree Deprey and Surprise Party Laura Griffith and Almost Famous Stephanie Wilkison and Metropolitan
Desiree Deprey
"Surprise Party"
Laura Griffith
"Almost Famous"
Stephanie Wilkison


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