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Member Album 2004

Kelly Cavanaugh and Bravour Kristin Waltz and Finders Keepers Lia Poin and Clovercroft Buster Bunny
Kelly Cavanaugh

Kristin Waltz
"Finders Keepers"

Lia Poin
"Clovercroft Buster Bunny
 Matt Belcourt and Rivers Edge Cameo Meg Wilkison and London Fog Caylei Arnold and Benlea Sealily
Matt Belcourt 
" Rivers Edge Cameo"
Meg Wilkison
"London Fog"
Caylei Arnold 
" Benlea Sealily"
Sarah Quagliaroli and Andiamo Sue Horn and My Wildest Dream Kayla Schneider and San Gabriel at the Big E
Sarah Quagliaroli
Sue Horn
"My Wildest Dream"
Kayla Schneider
"San Gabriel
Kelsey Amedeo and San Gabriel  Ellie Knight and Sunny Daze  Leah Chenelle and Belle Du Jour
Kelsey Amedeo 
" San Gabriel" 
Ellie Knight
"Sunny Daze 
Leah Chenelle
"Belle du Jour"


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