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Member Album 2005

Lauren Cunningham at Windcrest Farm Sarah Goodrich and Simply Irresistible Leadline Rider Lauren Woznica
Lauren Cunningham Windcrest Farm 

Sarah Goodrich
 "Simply Irresistible"

Lauren Woznica
 Elizabeth Woznica and Daddy's Convertible Rachel Anderson and What A Gem Dana Polomski and Dulcinae
Elizabeth Woznica
"Daddy's Convertible"
Rachel Anderson 
"What A Gem"
Dana Polomski
Katie Philbrook and Captain's Revenge Victoria Valenti and the Dawntreader Kimberly Maloomian with Fortune Hunter and Up Next
Katie Philbrook
"Captain's Revenge" 
Victoria Valenti
"The Dawntreader"

Kimberly Maloomian
"Fortune Hunter and Up Next" 

Kelsey Amedeo and Daimler  Tara Lynch and Surf City Smoothie  Abbey Bernal and Natural Beauty
Kelsey Amedeo  
Tara Lynch
"Surf City Smoothie"
Abbey Bernal
"Natural Beauty"


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