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Member Album 2006


Ry Hanson and Hillcrest Leading Lady Hannah Jones and Lilly Meredith Keen and Bali
Ry Hanson 
"Hillcrest Leading Lady"
Hannah Jones 
Meredith Keen 

Olivia Smith on She's All That at the 2006 CHJA Children's Medal Finals 



Natasha Zeid and Starmaker Alex Carlton and First Blue
Olivia Smith
"She's All That"
Natasha Zeid
Alex Carlton
"First Blue"
2006 CHJA Medal Finals Austin Dowd on Prince with trainer Michele Goodrich

Matt Couzens
"Brave" 1992-2006
Sadly Missed 

Kara Krushell

Austin Dowd

Kelsey Amedeo and Elam 

Austin Dowd and  Haiku

Catherine Cook and Lost In Paradise

     Kelsey Amedeo                     Austin Dowd                 Catherine Cook
           "Elam"                               "Haiku"                   "Lost In Paradise"




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