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Member Album 2007

Tara Lynch and Hudson Catherine Cook and Lost In Paradise Tara Lynch and Hudson

Tara Lynch

Catherine Cook
"Lost In Paradise"

Tara Lynch

Catherine Cook and Invest In Gold


Erin Klemyk and Drake Christen Scarpa  and Morocco

Catherine Cook
"Invest In Gold"

Erin Klemyk
"Double Take"
Christen Scarpa


Devon Poeta and Sir Thomas


Katherine Torsiello and Sunday's Best Zachary Rebello on Tucker
Devon Poeta
"Sir Thomas"

Katherine Torsiello
"Sunday's Best"

Zachary Rebello

Paige Vinson

Mary Allison Oaks and Layne Bryant Lori Ann Archambault and Quantum Leap

Paige Vinson
"In The Spotlight" 

Mary Allison Oaks
"Layne Bryant"

Lori Ann Archambault
"Quantum Leap" 

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